Monday, 19 September 2011

Unexpected Celebrations

This week has been nothing short of amazing for me.  Last weekend saw me heading off to Perth to celebrate the last round of the 12wbt and finally able to meet with so many of the Perth Crew girls (and guy) that I so regularly chat to on facebook.
I left for Perth early Saturday so I could hit some of the shops with a friend I have met through the program, Emma.  It was a whirlwind of a shopping expedition for me as I was led to a change room and then bombarded with gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress.  For once instead of finding nothing that looked any good I actually found alot that would have passed and in a combination of size 10 & 12 (!!!!!), but we were after something with some wow factor.  It took only two shops and I don't know how many dresses but we eventually found it!  And I must admit I was absolutely stoked at how I looked...I honestly cannot remember EVER having felt so good.
Then our other down south training buddy Bree arrived and we were off to find an outfit for her.  I don't know whose outfit I was more excited about, I literally jumped up and down when Bree came out of the changeroom I was so excited by how fantastic she looked!
So that night all glammed up and ready for some fun we headed off to dinner - a little difficult for me as I really was struggling to walk with the height of my heels!  I couldn't believe how many of us were there and it was brilliant being able to give a hug to and chat with so many of the girls that I have supported and been supported by over the past few months.  I was having a fantastic night and couldn't stop smiling.
It wasn't until the very end of the evening that all the excitement really happened though!  After dinner we were presented with a slideshow set to music that one of the ladies had set up.  It was amazing, no doubt a miniature version of what I can expect at the Sydney finale but it showed all our achievements for the year and really captured everything the Perth Crew is about.  I was loving it albeit feeling a little bit emotional watching all the unbelievable stories being flashed up on the screen.  Then it came to the winners for the round for our Perth Crew.  I remember thinking "oh wow how cool is this", I had no idea this had all been organised by the girls.  When 3rd place flashed up - Sarah Fontana - I remember clapping and being excited that Sarah got it as she is lovely and also thinking oh bugger she only just beat me for 3rd, her weight loss was 15.5kg, mine was 15.4kg, I wasn't thinking percentages.  Next came Lian Everett in 2nd and I was super happy again as I had through the round completed a few "chellenges" that Lian had put out there and also emailed her when we were going through a bit of a rough patch together off round.  Lian had been having a particularly crappy time of it and it was great to see something good happening to her to make up for it a little.
So then we are all sitting there with the winner to come, I think the slide said and the winner is....and it just sat there......and it seemed to sit there forever (great suspense Andrea) and I turned to Sheena beside me and said "who is it" just as the pictures revealed who it was.......ME!!!!  I was absolutely gobsmacked to say the least!  After just watching a presentation of all these amazing people and sitting there amongst them and now hearing them all cheering and clapping I was blown away.  I laughed, I nearly cried and then I sat there shaking.  It was awesome!
It's a really strange feeling to have won though.  Everybody was saying congratulations and it was lovely but in some ways it was embarrassing, I mean here were ladies who I admired for all that they have done congratulating me!  Then the next minute I was proud as punch, because it meant I had done what I set out to do and that was kick arse as much as I could, in making sure I did all I could to be my best version I had managed to actually come first amongst my crew.  It may not have been the big finale in Brisbane but here I was in a room full of people that helped me get where I was and being given a huge pat on the back, I think it was all the more special because I was with the Perth Crew.
Now that it's a few days later I think I am still spinning out.  I've had so many positive messages from everyone and I'd be lying if I didn't admit it has given me even more drive and ambition for this round.  If I can be right up there amongst the Perth Crew in losing my weight then why am I doubting I can reach my goal weight this round? 
Now there is no room for doubt, now all there is in my mind is determination.  I will be at goal come final weigh in, just watch me!!!!


  1. Great post Lara :) Saturday was an awesome day, I loved shopping with you and Emma and your little excited dance when I came out in my dress was priceless! When you were announced as the winner for the Perth Crew I was so proud, it was like having one of my daughters achieve something remarkable. You are an inspirational person to train with and I have no doubt you will reach your goal and I am going to be with you every step of the way :) I am happy and proud to have you as a friend xxx

  2. Oh great, now i'm balling! Hahhaah happy tears though!!!!!!