Tuesday, 13 September 2011


So I decided I would give this blogging thing a go.  I'm intending that it be about my weight loss journey as that is what seems to be dominating my life at the moment - obviously next to my beautiful toddler Bryce - but who knows where it may end up....maybe 3 posts in and nothing haha!

I guess to begin with I should tell you a bit about myself.  I am a 33 year old wife and mum to a 2 year old who has had issues around her weight for most of her life...yada yada yada.......it's the exact same story as so many before me.  The silliest thing is that my issues began in high school and when I look back now wow what I wouldn't give to have that body.  Over the years I have tried Gloria Marshall, Weight Watchers (with some success), and so many other diets and fitness regimes I couldn't even keep track but none have really worked that well.  Mainly because I have never really combined ALL the things I knew about how to lose weight, I'd eat well and exercise but then the whole reward system would kick in and I'd eat the wrong types of food or overindulge because I'd earnt it.  Right?  Wrong! 

I purchased Michelle Bridges Crunchtime books a little while after my son was born and began following her workouts and diet plan, I started losing weight and felt fantastic.  But then we went on holiday and sold our house and lived with relatives for a month and all my planning and organising went totally out the window and yet again I started putting the weight back on.

I so badly wanted to set the right example for my son and I knew something had to give, I NEEDED and WANTED to change.   My number one excuse for not doing anything was that I couldn't afford it, I talked to my husband and we decided that our health was worth it and I signed up for my first round of Michelle Bridges online 12WBT in May of this year.  I lost 15.4kg and my husband lost 12kg.  It was the best money I've ever spent.

Today is day 3 of my second round and I am giving it my utmost to get to goal by the end.  I put on about 1kg during the time between rounds so I have my work cut out for me, I need to lose 15.5kg to get there.  But I'm determined that I will do it and as the saying goes "I'm not giving up without a damn good fight". 

I'm not really certain exactly what it is that makes this program work for me but I know that it does and it will and that I won't go back.  I have rediscovered how much I enjoyed keeping fit, I am running again and I had written myself off as being past it.  Yesterday I purchased my first running magazine and as of Monday have begun training for a half marathon in conjunction with the 12WBT's exercise program.  I feel happy and alive for the first time in a long time and thats how I know this is a forever change for me.  I also have a network of inspirational women in the 12WBT Perth Crew that I know I can turn to for whatever it may be that I need, a shoulder, advice, a pat on the back or just a good old kick up the arse!  I have met some fantastic people through this program and I know that in itself has been instrumental in my success so far.

So this blog will be full of my ramblings as I take myself down to my goal weight.  I'm hoping that it will just be another tool to help me get there!
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  1. Im thinking it's time for a new blog celebrating your win on the weekend?!!!!!!!! Congrats babe, you worked hard and deserved it :) Yor face was priceless!